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21 Filikis Eterias Square, Kolonaki, 10673 Athens, Greece
Tel. +30 2107209800

Investment Immigration

We have a long record of successful applications for 5 years PR (Golden Visa) in Greece. Our lawyers were amongst the first in Greece to advise and apply successfully for the 5 year residence permit (Golden Visa) for our clients. We represent, advise and assist our clients in every stage of the procedure, providing the following services:

  • Finding and Negotiating the price of the Property
  • Opening a bank account in a Greek bank
  • Conclusion of the Contract of the Property before the Notary Public
  • Registering the Contract with the competent Land Registry
  • Collecting all necessary documentation for the residence permit application
  • Submitting the application and documentation with the competent immigration office
  • Advising on any tax related matters

For further details in relation to the procedure of obtaining the 5 year residence permit in Greece, please click below to read the relevant article http://www.pprrm.icu/news/5-year-residence-permit-in-greece